A 4-Week Tele-Training Course with Dr. Linda Backman

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The RavenHeart Center of Boulder, Colorado is pleased to announce a new training program open to all spiritually enlightened individuals. As a soul each of us has a spiritual guide (SG). Usually we have more than one guide. At the beginning of our soul’s path we meet our original SG. From one lifetime to the next, as we progress further, we take on additional guides. The SG’s that join us, along our journey toward higher levels of soul capability, are both more experienced and more specialized SG’s.

Some of you have been aware of a SG since early childhood. For others, you’ve discovered a Soul Guide, one or more, well into your adult years. It is not unusual if you feel you have never had the awareness of a SG. You may have a group of guides, who work closely together, which can make it somewhat more difficult to feel a particular SG. No matter whether you ‘know’ your Soul Guide or not, you can become familiar with one or more guides.

By having a regular spiritual practice and learning to trust your intuition, you can easily build a strong connection with your soul guide. ‘Working’ in regular contact with your SG will lead to the co-creation of living your pre-birth soul agreements, advancing as a soul, and contributing to the evolution of the new humanity on our planet to affect our expanding universe.

Goals and Purpose of the SGRT - or - What You Will Gain from the Course:

  1. Options for Spiritual Practice
  2. How to use your Intuition
  3. How to recognize the presence of your Spiritual Guide
  4. The benefits of knowing your SG
  5. How to communicate with your SG
  6. How to move toward soul Ascension with the support of your SG
  7. Your Higher Self as a Guide
  8. Ascended Master Guides or The Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood Masters of Wisdom

Participant Materials: Spiritual Guide Regression Training Manual

Four-week course has a weekly 90-minute conference call from 5:00PM to 6:30PM (Mountain Time).

Cost: $395.00

Classes begin on: Upcoming Dates TBA

Download the SGRT Application Form

Earl Backman
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