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Past Life Soul Regression Training prepares participants to guide clients to discover the journey of their souls from lifetime to lifetime and is open to anyone who wishes to deepen their soul evolution.

Soul Regression Tele-Training: Level One - Past Life is taught via a 10-week format by Dr. Linda Backman, Psychologist and Regression Therapist. This course contains the following teaching components: training manual, PowerPoint, DVD Regression demonstration, necessary preparation in the hypnotic trance process, teaching via a weekly conference call (scheduled from 5:00-6:30 pm Colorado time on Tuesday), practicum, and spiritual practice. The foundation of study is soul evolution by learning lifetime to lifetime, via karma and dharma.

Linda requests that you read her books (Bringing Your Soul to light, The Evolving Soul, and Souls on Earth), preferably prior to the beginning of the training course. You can purchase these books from the RavenHeart Center, Amazon, or your local book store.

It is highly recommended that applicants for this training course experience a past life regression session prior to beginning the training.

The cost for this PLSR training course is $1300.00, and an application is available from The RavenHeart Center at

This PLSR training course will mirror The RavenHeart Centerís face-to-face training. Participants are expected to attend the 10 conference-call sessions if at all possible. However, the class sessions will be archived for access following the class. You will also need to purchase a digital voice recorder for use during the practicum portion of the course (recommendations can be provided if you wish. You will download the recording to your computer and email the recording to clients.)

The class will be taught using the Zoom platform. It is highly recommended that you download the Zoom application to your computer. Or, you can call into the class via your phone as well, should that be your preference.

Course Components:

  1. Training Manual with PowerPoint and teaching DVD
  2. Following the training program, participants will be eligible for PLSR Therapist Certification that will include additional requirements.

For additional information on this training opportunity please contact Dr. Earl Backman: 303-818-0575


Linda's knowledge, insight, compassion and teaching are second to none. She makes sure you understand every detail so that you can feel confident, proficient and accomplished in helping your own participants to help themselves. Brilliant and outstanding. I loved every moment.
Christine W.

This class provided me with a sound and practical foundation to re-introduce PLR in my existing psychotherapy practice. Overall it really provided me with not only the didactic coursework but also the experiential exposure that clearly demonstrated the efficacy of this work and how I can best utilize it. It re-energized me in a terrific way and would highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in exploring.
Thom A.

It enables me to further help others in exploring/solving problems through the use of a modality that resonates to me and my present work.
Rose V.

I am a provider and treat people in an urgent care. I have been very interested in other aspects of healing and this one was very very good. I want to continue obtaining clients and deepening this practice to become certified. I am so grateful to have Linda as an instructor. She is awesome!!
Linda M.

Lindaís teaching style is organized in a way that allows for easy integration of the material and confidence that it is possible to duplicate her methods.
Nanci P.


Earl Backman
(303) 818-0575

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