Journey Into Spirit: A Past Life Soul Regression Training

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This unique program is designed to prepare individuals who wish to learn to conduct PLSR and who may desire to learn to gain skills in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Participants who simply wish to deepen and inform their own soul's journey, but may not wish to use this skill in a private practice, are also welcome. Our training program focuses on the technique to guide clients into sufficient trance depth to access both Past Life and entry into the Spiritual Realm. Various regression tools and techniques necessary to prepare the client for a Theta level trance experience will be taught during this training. The added dimension of crossing into Spirit requires additional skill to move a client smoothly and with care through a significant past life to the death scene, exiting the body and transitioning through the spiritual realm gateway.

This three-day training course will be taught via in-depth lecture/demonstration/practicum. Dr. Linda Backman will be the instructor for this experiential training program.

All students will receive a Letter of Completion following this training and will be eligible to complete additional requirements for Past Life Soul Regression Certification.


Basic understanding of hypnosis and the hypnotic trance induction process*


Program Cost:


*Individuals interested in applying for the PLSR training course who do not have a hypnosis background can meet the pre-requisite by working with Linda Backman in advance of the course either over the phone or in person. Please contact us for more information on how this hypnosis requirement may be met.

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What Former Students Say

"I very much enjoyed and appreciated the wealth of information, camaraderie, and discussion I received from my participation in the PLR Training Program through The RavenHeart Center. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of past life regression techniques and their own inner exploration."

- Vicki S

"Attending the past life regression training through The RavenHeart Center was perhaps the most enlightening and exciting course of study I have ever experienced. Thank you, Linda and Earl, for one of the most memorable courses I have participated in. I came away with the knowledge and confidence needed to do this work that I love so dearly."

- Denise H

"As a practicing hypnotherapist, I have been conducting regressions for some time now, but the added knowledge and skills I received at Dr. Linda Backman's PL(S)R Training Program really gave me new insights, practical approaches, and intuitive solutions that benefit my clients. From the first regression I conducted after this training, I knew that I was now much more capable of guiding my clients throughout their hypnotic regression experiences, which is very gratifying to me. I highly recommend this training for all hypnotherapists who truly care about doing their best work."

- Susan W

"My PLR training with Linda and Earl Backman was truly life-changing. I was able to come away with a solid foundation as a past life regressionist. The outpouring of love and caring, along with Linda's continued guidance, has given me the confidence and understanding to guide my clients. Spirit takes us on the journey and Linda offers the tools to begin it."

- Rhonda L

"In 1999 I began asking for a teacher. I received an answer that I would 'travel far to find her close by.' That was how I first found Linda. After having two LBL regressions with Linda, I realized that I found my teacher. The classes(Past Life Regression) have changed my life. The material Linda and Eal have taught me was easy to absorb and easily implemented into my growing hypnotherapy practice. The classes are fascinating and each moment has been an adventure. They handle this material in a way that I find believable for my analytical and skeptical/intellectual self, while also addressing the spiritual realities of working with the immortal nature of Past Life and Between Life regressions. Linda and Earl, I can't thank you enough for the work that you do. It is a blessing to us all that you do the regression sessions. That you offer classes and train others how to this work, as well, is the greatest gift of love to the world that I can imagine."

- Debi L

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Earl Backman
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