Upcoming Trainings:
December 11-13: Remote Live Training via Zoom

Pay in full by November 8, 2020 at 10 PM MT and join Linda for a one hour preparation session prior to the beginning of the BLSR training.

Expert psychologist and regression therapist Dr. Linda Backman is teaching this intensive three-day training program for participants wishing to conduct Between Lives Soul Regression (BSLR). When we die, our consciousness remains as we transition into the spiritual realm. Our spiritual home contains light, love, clarity, compassion and order. Upon arriving we meet our spiritual guide and process the life just completed. We return to our spiritual family, the group of souls with whom we have most affinity and incarnate again and again as parents, children, siblings, partners and friends. BLSR reveals the intentions of life today.

Featured on Dr. Oz & Coast to Coast AM, Dr. Linda Backman has 40+ years private practice experience, including over 25 years guiding Soul Regressions. Linda has been conducting Between Lives Soul Regression training since 2002. She is the author of Souls on Earth, The Evolving Soul & Bringing Your Soul to Light



BLSR explores our nature as an eternal soul, and with our Master Guides our progress and purpose are examined. Dr. Linda Backman will train participants in this rewarding, spiritually based technique. She studied and taught with Dr. Michael Newton. In addition, to becoming well-versed in the mechanics of BLSR regression, participants will explore aspects of spirituality for personal benefit and the related assistance to clients.

Participants will be eligible to complete additional requirements for Between Lives Soul Regression Certification.

Course training modules will be archived on the RavenHeart Center web site for those who cannot take the course live or wish to review the content after the training is completed.

Module One: Friday Morning, December 11

  • Introduction to the BLSR Course
  • Building Our Training Community
  • The Foundation of BLSR
  • BLSR Purpose
  • Soul Evolution
  • Karma & Dharma
  • BLSR Assumptions
  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Module Two: Friday Afternoon, December 11

  • Interview & Intake
  • Contra-Indications
  • Client Preparation
  • Therapist Ethics & Behavior
  • Client Setting
  • BLSR Time Frame Breakdown
  • Induction & Deepening
  • Past Life to Crossing Over
  • What if NO Past Life?
  • What if NO Regression Content?
  • Client Arousal Script and Processing

Module Three: Saturday Morning, December 12

  • BLSR Process
  • Most Common Experiences at Soul Level
  • How to Determine the Purpose of Soul/s Who Come to Meet Client
  • Earth Based Soul
  • Interplanetary Soul
  • Angelic Realm Soul
  • Spiritual Guides & Necessary Questions
  • Soul Family & Identification
  • Soul Color
  • Percent of Soul Energy
  • Split Incarnation
  • The Library
  • Life Planning

Module Four: Saturday Afternoon, December 12

  • Validating Soul Evolution
  • 5th Dimension & Above
  • Your Council & Afterlife Evaluation
  • 7 Soul Archetypes & Their Purpose
  • The Evolution of Humanity & The Universe
  • Linda’s Laundry List

Module Five: Sunday Morning, December 13

  • Live BLSR
  • Q & A

Module Six: Sunday Afternoon, December 13

  • Processing the Content of the Client BLSR
  • Applying the BLSR to Client’s Current Life
  • Building Your BLSR Private Practice
  • BLSR Certification


Prerequisites: Past Life Training with hypnotic trance preparation (Linda can provide the preparation in the hypnotic trance process prior to the training if needed)


Program Cost:


To Receive Additional Information and an Application
contact us at Earl@RavenHeartCenter.com.


Earl Backman
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