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Erie, CO: May 14-17, 2020
Erie, Co: December 10-13, 2020

The RavenHeart Center sponsors an intensive four-day training program for therapists wishing to conduct Between Lives Soul Regression (BSLR). When we die, our consciousness remains as we transition into the spiritual realm. Our spiritual home contains light, love, joy, clarity, compassion and order. Upon arriving we typically meet our spiritual guide and process the life just completed. We return to our spiritual family, the group of souls with whom we have most affinity and are most connected and with whom we incarnate again and again as parents, children, siblings, partners and friends.

BLSR reveals our nature as an eternal soul, and with our Master Guides our progress and purpose are examined. Dr. Linda Backman, along with additional faculty, will train therapists in this rewarding, spiritually-based technique. Dr. Backman has studied and taught with Dr. Michael Newton, and has served on the Board of The Society for Spiritual Regression (The Newton Institute) as President. In addition to becoming well-versed in the mechanics of this type of regression, participants will explore spiritually via Kabbalah, Shamanism, and other means of spiritual practice for personal benefit and the related assistance of clients. Through lecture, demonstration, and practicum students will learn how to conduct BLSR greatly enhancing the client’s ability to understand who they truly are as a soul.

This four-day training course will be taught by Dr. Linda Backman via in-depth lecture/demonstration/practicum.

All students will receive a Letter of Completion following this training and will be eligible to complete additional requirements for Between Lives Soul Regression Certification.


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Erie, CO

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