The RavenHeart Center Training Institute (RHCTI), established by Drs. Earl and Linda Backman in 2005, was founded on the keen awareness that a regression training program, both onsite and tele-training, must have a profound foundation to study the mystery of the soul. Earl and Linda believe strongly that each of us, as incarnate souls, are here to enhance the New Humanity with the knowledge that our lives are inter-twined in the Unity and Oneness of our divine core.

RHCTI offers programs both for those who wish to become a professional regression therapist and for anyone who desires to deepen their own spiritual journey and impact the New Humanity. Past Lives Soul Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression, and Spiritual Guide Regression are taught by Dr. Linda Backman, Psychologist and Regression Therapist. Each course is designed to offer the key elements of regression within a spiritual framework (practicum included).

Please join us for a life-changing experience.


Between Lives Soul Regression
On-Site Training

Boulder, Colorado
March 1-5, 2017

Past Life Soul Regression Training
On-Site Training

Erie, Colorado
December 1-3, 2016

Past Life Soul Regression

Seven-week courses begin:
February 1, 2017

Spiritual Guide Regression

Four-week course has weekly
90-minute conference call
from 5PM to 6:30PM (Mountain Time)

Classes begin on: Upcoming Dates TBA

Earl Backman
(303) 818-0575

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